Austria's Bierschwimmbad Helps You Absorb Beer in a New Way: Through Your Pores

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by Kate Sedgwick Dec 3, 2009

Two Freud look-alikes frolic with a blonde in a bierschwimmbad. Photo courtesy of Starkenberger.

“Enjoy the wonderful and cosy ambiance and savor the impressing wall paintings, a highlight of the Starkenberger Biermythos!” exclaims the website for Starkenberger Bierschwimmbad. Biermythos is just what it sounds like it would mean: the myth of the beer, and maybe you’ll be coming up with your own tales of Paul Bunyan style proportions after dog paddling a few laps around one of these pools.

Having a swim in some beer might be
more affordable than you imagine.
The cost is per pool, not per person.

Bierschwimmbad means beer bath in case you were wondering about a literal translation there.

Located in Austria 170 km from Munich, the Starkenberger Resort offers meals served to you “lying on a coach in a kind of Roman style.” (I’m pretty sure they mean couch.) They claim Cleopatra used beer baths to make her skin supple. The resort itself is said to be in a castle, but you can check out the main website and its picture to judge for yourself.

While Starkenberger may be appealing to your grandiose side when they ask you to participate in their Biermythos, you can still take a tour with a beer tasting included for €8 before making up your mind to submerge yourself.
Open only on Fridays, the Bierschwimmbad requires a reservation.

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