What bores some stiff gets others that way.

We all know about pedestrian fetishes like those for feet and trampling. But there are some that push the boundaries, eroticizing the everyday, the average, and the incomprehensible.

For most of us, these are about as exciting as watching dust accumulate. For those with very specific tastes, there’s nothing more arousing than a woman blowing her nose or an overinflated balloon.

While you may scoff, don’t write the fetishist off. Just think of how generous they may be when indulging your freakiness after searching for years for someone to enthusiastically stomp toys for them or cheer them on while they writhe in lycra.

And while it might not make sense to you, imagine the ease of a life that requires nothing more to achieve satisfaction than a warm exhaust pipe or a pile of down parkas. No messy breakups. No awkward first dates.


The people who put videos of their children with balloons on the internet ought to be cognizant of the fact that there are people out there (AKA ‘looners’) for whom the act of blowing up balloons is erotic. Blowing, popping – the suspense – it’s undeniable.

This guy was plausibly caught unaware, posting himself blowing up a balloon until it popped. Surprised at the number of views he got, it seems there is a certain percentage of erotic balloon enthusiasts who prefer their blowers wistfully unaware of their erotic powers.

If the human quotient is too cumbersome, sometimes it’s all about the balloon.

Buster is especially animated and entertaining. Just look at that twinkle in his eyes.

Nose Blowing

Don’t believe me? Go ahead and check out the comments in YouTube if your skeptical.


A quick search for zentai or unitard on eBay will reveal a world you never imagined. It’s not about getting undressed, but about being completely covered and perhaps further immersed in water or mud.

Many of us experience momentary disgust with ourselves in those moments after bringing ourselves to climax, but what about this guy? He’s got a good hour of cleanup ahead of himself once the afterglow fades.


It’s easy to understand how tickling can be eroticized. If the axiom that fetishes come from mildly traumatizing experiences in early childhood is true, it’s a wonder more of us aren’t tickle freaks.

Object Crushing

While for most, the idea of being trampled may be abhorrent, there is some human contact there, and the trope of dominance and submission we can all comprehend, even if it leaves us cold.

Less relatable is the fetish for seeing objects crushed. I’m curious if, for those whose heart rates rise watching these, there is some projection happening in which the object is the viewer’s surrogate.

Is this fixation what happens when you stomp and destroy little Timmy’s favorite toy car?

Peanut Butter

One man’s lunch is another man’s orgasm.


This is all about isolation. Ironically, it is incredibly dangerous if done unsupervised. The mummy can easily suffocate or asphyxiate.


If this is your thing and you’re out there feeling alone and blue, make sure you sign up for this forum to discuss it with other like-minded individuals.

A whole BBC five documentary was made about men who have sex with cars. One man has ironically named his car Vanilla. Paradise by that dashboard light?

Cars are not the only love objects without a pulse. KansasCity.com has collected news stories about unexpected inanimate/animate pairings.


Apotemnophilia is written about rather extensively in Wikipedia. It is the erotic desire to have a limb removed. What provokes sympathy and mortification at the thought of being caught staring in most is a deep source of arousal for others. Those who get off watching these may not simply be objectifying these people, but imagining themselves in their place.

As with nearly every fetish you see here, this fetish is often combined with the love of feet (or foot) and footwear.


If you’re thinking of picking up your next parka at the Goodwill, you might want to make sure you run it by the cleaners before wearing it. Don’t get any ideas about this guy, ladies. A glance at his left hand lets us know he’s taken.

Destruction of the fetishized object:

Community Connection

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