Barmitzmidis are an electro-Jewish-rave band from Buenos Aires.

Billing themselves as “the new Daft Punk from Tel-Aviv,” their loud and energetic live shows have been drawing enthusiastic crowds all over the city in recent months. What do they sound like? It’s kind of hard to describe. You can listen to their music on their MySpace page, but it doesn’t do justice to the wild energy and enthusiasm that you get from them onstage.

I caught them June 10 at Niceto Club in Palermo. The show was great — very lively and energetic. Truly, I’ve never seen anything like them before. Niceto is perfect for them, everything is always a bit weird there. Before they came on they had little people serving Tequila. Mazal tov! The music is a mix of electro/jewish/cumbia which is really interesting and really danceable, the crowd went wild, jumping up and down everywhere.

If you’re interested in more, you can check out their page on Facebook, or even follow them on Twitter.


Before the show

The members of BarMitzMidis relax before the show at Jean Deon's (the electronic drum player's) house , discussing music and life.



 Synth player Darío Cataife gets in the mood before the show.


Strapping it on

Then he adds the finishing touches to his look.


Group hug

The guys spread the love before starting their set with a group hug.


On stage

BarMitzMidis on stage at Club Niceto.


The madness starts

The madness begins with a salvo to the crowd.


The new Daft Punk from Tel-Aviv

With the video projected behind them, BarMitzMidis are in full swing.


A mitzvah

A packed Club Niceto goes wild for the hybrid band. Hipsters love electro-jewish-rave music. Who knew?