The seaside town of Blackpool has a new attraction.

WHEN I MOVED TO England for grad school, I felt that I was coming home in terms of comedy. The dry wit, the camp pantomimes, the ability to poke endless fun at themselves, the ability to combine hilarity and uncomfortable truth so well.

The history and culture of British comedy is now celebrated with a giant art installation in Blackpool. From The Guardian: A granite and concrete “carpet” of legendary comedy lines from British comedians has been installed at the base of Blackpool tower.

“The 2,200m square installation features 160,000 individually cut letters spelling out the famous one liners. The £4m project has taken five years from conception to installation.”

Blackpool was a more popular seaside resort in the 1960s, and in more recent years, it’s been known for being a bit run-down. But the installation comes as a part of a long-term revitalization of the town.

Ken Dodd, the British comedian, was born in Blackpool and performed there frequently; he hosted the unveiling of the project, and you can watch the coverage below.

Feature photo: AEJHarrison