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Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Horror Film Festival Underway

by Kate Sedgwick Oct 28, 2011
It came from Buenos Aires and it started yesterday, just in time for Halloween: the 12th Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre horror film festival.

TAKING PLACE IN A single theater (Monumental at 780 Lavalle), the festival is less than a week long and features films from all over the world. There are juried competitions for best feature, best feature director, best special effects in a feature, best national short film, and best international short.

Last year, I saw something camp, American, totally-gross-out, and utterly ridiculous and laughed my head off. I can’t remember the title, but I do remember enjoying myself quite a bit.

This year, my stand-out titles are the features POV (Japan) and A Noite do Chupacabras (Brazil), and the short Banana Motherfucker (Portugal).

If you’re not able to read Spanish subtitles, you’ll want to stick with English language selections like The Whisperer in Darkness (USA), Zombie Undead (UK), Rabies (Israel), and Chop (USA). And if you’re reading this after November 3 and it’s too late, next year is BARS 13. Bwa ha ha ha ha!

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