Photo: lightmatter, Feature Photo: iversonic

If any of you heading out to Burning Man this year are starting to think about adopting the title of nomad for more than the time you’ll be on the playa, you’ll want to be sure to check out Camp Nomadia.

This year, they’re sharing a space with Pandora’s Fix-it Shoppe & Dream Lounge at 6:00 and DNA. They’re also home to the Digital Vagabond and the first batch of Roads Scholars and their graduation ceremony.

Camp Nomadia hosts the Technomadic Lifestyle Workshop on Thursday from 3:00-4:00 in which they share with you “how to live, work and play full time on the road. From picking your ideal mobile arsenal, finding location independent professions to the logistics of handling taxes, mail and more.”

Though Burning Man is about happenstance, coincidence and serendipity, there can be nothing wrong with pushing things in the right direction by deliberately meeting some people to help you put your dreams in motion.