Call me crazy, but I prefer this version.

Now my Lady Gaga knowledge is pretty average, but having lived in East Asia for three years, I do know a thing or two about TV music variety shows.

Chinese Gaga

Photo: Lao Lai Qiao Gaga

This act, which was performed on Hunan TV, is by far the most lavish production I’ve ever seen. Sexy young girls in go-go outfits playing traditional instruments! The two-storey set that looks straight out of Death of a Salesman!

And let’s talk about the seniors. The zealous, cheery senior citizens singing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance in Hunan province’s Changsha dialect.

In this region of China, the word gaga means grandmother.

According to the blog Lao Lai Qiao Gaga, the choir changed Gaga’s lyrics to sing about their too-busy children who don’t visit enough, forcing the seniors to act outlandishly for attention.

I’d bet their kids are calling now.

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