LA artist Julian Hoeber created “Demon Hill” to mess with your head.

I’VE DRIVEN PAST THEM in many parts of the country: the “Mystery Spot” in Santa Cruz, CA; “Cosmos of the Black Hills” in Rapid City, SD; the “Mysterious Tuttle House” in North Woodstock, NH; “Confusion Hill” in Ligonier, PA. All advertise the same thing — a “cognitively impenetrable” experience that seems to bend the rules of gravity.

Photo: Harris Lieberman Gallery

For me, these purpose-built, eerily decrepit tourist attractions evoke visions of proto-nuclear family road trips, probably because they’re often located on roads no one drives anymore — winding state and county routes that 30 years ago were bypassed by a ring road or a new bridge.

As artifacts of Americana, I find them pretty fascinating. So did artist Julian Hoeber, who decided to build one. His “Demon Hill” is being exhibited at the Harris Lieberman Gallery in New York through Oct. 20.

I think the weirdness comes through in the above video from Science Friday. Here’s the transcript of the story that aired on NPR.

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