Kate Sedgwick holds her pee and follows the gay pride of Buenos Aires.

IF YOU’VE EVER BEEN to a gay pride in North America, you’ll think the one in Buenos Aires is jankety as hell. For one, there aren’t any floats. What there are are flatbed trucks with, well, flat beds behind them. They’re like big parties with disco lights and speakers and plenty of clubby, probably drug-addled youngsters dancing to contemporary feel-good hits and some old standards like “Y.M.C.A.” thrown in for good measure, all behind rails holding the party back from falling into the streets.

What Buenos Aires Pride lacks in glittery, design-heavy floats and real leather people with military-issue gear, it makes up for in passion and 10-peso cans of Quilmes all along the way to lift your spirits. The march was supposed to begin at 6PM, and maybe it did. I was late and hung around the Plaza de Mayo as the sun was setting, holding my pee as the lines at the port-o-potties rivaled that of any over-boozed and overcrowded music festival.

Huge trucks of enthusiastic gay, bi, lesbian, and trans-people (mostly trans-women), as wells as drag queens and their supporters jumped on the backs of trucks driven by unimpressed paisanos. Each blasted its own flavor of pride music as they inched forward toward Avenida de Mayo. I saw bare breasts, lots of man-on-man kissing, and more than one rainbow colored mohawk — one of which, on a cute little gal, was actually real hair.

At Congreso, a stage was set up and flags were waving and causes were passionately espoused from the stage. And all along the route, there were so many out in support of pride that at points, it was hard to put one foot in front of the other to make it down to the end. It was a pride to be proud of. Aguante, Buenos Aires! Fuerza gay!


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

This guys seemed like the post modern Richard Simmons to me and one shot wasn't enough.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

The character on the left fascinated me all along the parade route -- here in a quiet moment in front of Congresso.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

WIth great beauty comes great responsibility.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

I didn't catch this guy's name, but his partner made that headdress, and he reminded me of Tim Curry.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

Love from above.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

The devil is in the details.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

Shine little pride flag, glimmer, glimmer!


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

These women look like religious dancers to me -- pride in the name of the lord?


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

It just wouldn't be pride without bags and bags of silver confetti being shot into the air.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

A romantic pose from a femme fatal.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

Down on Avenida de Mayo, disco music pulsed through the streets which were so full, walking was a challenge. Here a DJ shares space with some gorgeous drag queens.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

She reminded me so much of Divine.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

It's possible to catch the eye of some of the most handsome men in the city as they float by.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

This flacid rubber dong was so convincing, even after I gave it a double-take, I wasn't totally convinced. This chick had my favorite costume by far.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

At Plaza de Mayo, a pride flag glows.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

Another gay superhero in his pride cape, this guy added an extra touch of rainbow.


Gay Pride Buenos Aires

A couple walks arm in arm near the "floats" drinking the local brew, Quilmes.

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