The only place for an iPad at a concert is possibly onstage, using it as MIDI controller.

GRANTED that apart from the big sideburns bro, there seems to be little visible evidence of this crowd really connecting emotionally with the music, which I’m guessing is Neon Indian. But be that as it may, holding up an iPad is still inconsiderate, a distraction, which has obviously sucked in the green bandanna bro and the kid next to him.

What seems remarkable though is how blank, or possibly even morose, the kid who is “iPadding” seems to be. It’s as if he registers no emotion, but yet still feels compelled to film. There’s this urge to put a hand gently on his shoulder, and say “just disengage from the iPad bro.”

At the same time, it might actually be providing a view of the stage for the diminutive person wearing the blue “T” cap.

Not sure. How can we fix this y’all?

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