I started graffiti writing in 1997 in Santiago de Chile.

K.E.L.P. stands for Kultura En La Pared (Kulture On The Wall). It’s my pseudonym. I’ve loved colors from an early age, and especially the political murals that started to pop up in Chile in the ’80s and ‘90s . They impressed me with thier vivid, saturated colors, and occupied vast surfaces.

Graffiti started for me by by watching first. I’d observe graffiti writers paint and my love for the art grew fast in Plaza Italia, Santiago’s downtown area, where the one and only graffiti shop was (Otra Vida).

I followed the wave of graffiti out of Santiago and into other cities within Chile and then outside of South America, and I painted with friends and slowly came to know many great people who were also creating and developing the art. This pushed me and I grew and learned within the medium that has become my life’s passion.

Right now I am living in Europe, immersing myself in new experiences, learning and observing. I sustain myself by painting and creating and selling my work to companies. My love for the art has enabled me to be independent and travel the world.


Sunrise over the Rio Negro

1.Wall painted with my friends Stik and Blok in Santiago de Chile. We just improvised, observed the environment and painted the whole weekend.


Sunrise over the Rio Negro

2.Painting in München, Germany at a old factory. Loomit manages this place and gave me the chance to leave my mark. The wall already had the yellow part painted so I improvised with other colors and related München with Santiago. The yellow is the beer.


Sunrise over the Rio Negro

3.KELP Tag in Valparaíso, Chile. Just trying out a new color. Florescent green (it’s not florescent at night).


Sunrise over the Rio Negro

4.Wall painted in Concepción, Chile. I was invited by a friend with 3 other painters (Bufox, Rio, Deow) I painted my part to make it relate to the fishing boats from this big harbor/port in the southern part of Chile. It is my favourite region with marvellous landscapes, volcanos, lakes and a flora/fauna that lblows you away.


Sunrise over the Rio Negro

5.Wall painted in La Reina (Santiago, Chile). It represents the subway system in Santiago, especially the line I had to take every day to University during my studies.


Sunrise over the Rio Negro

6.Wall painted in Silz, Austria with the German graffiti legend Loomit. This wall is big, like 20mts x 4.5mts. I did all the letters and some color landscapes. Loomit did a very beautiful bird and german pixos. Nice weekend with the whole town visiting us, chatting, inviting us for lunch/dinner and a party.


Sunrise over the Rio Negro

7. I painted this in Santiago de Chile in January, 2010. It represents some travels I made my travels through Spain, Iceland and Scotland. Water (blue), The Bull (black) and the landscapes of Spain. Painted in five days with the best radio station in Chile as ambiente. Co-creator: Radio Corazón!


Sunrise over the Rio Negro

8. Painted in January 2010 in Bellavista, a little sector in Santiago de Chile. Again the birds were everywhere.


Sunrise over the Rio Negro

9.Wall painted in München, Germany in November 2009 at -15° C temperatures. Loomit painted next to the wall which was also my first wall with him. It represents birds, lots of birds that were there (it is a Metro Station) while we were painting. Birds observe and have a global concept of what happens below, the same as graff writers. We observe!


Sunrise over the Rio Negro

10.Graffiti event in Concepción, Chile (Concegraff it was called). My part is the two red surfaces. One is the Trauco and the other explains the theme of the Event. Identidad de Origen means Origen Identity and refers, in Chilean history, to our ancient people and indians. Trauco is a myth that comes from Chiloé and is a small character that lives in the woods. The legend goes that every time a girl would get lost in the woods, Trauco would get her pregnant. The story varies because it is a myth, but everytime a girls gets pregnant in an unexpectedly we say the Trauco was there.


Sunrise over the Rio Negro

11. A legendary wall, maybe one of the coolest because it shows and explains graffiti on trains and how it all started.


Sunrise over the Rio Negro

12.Work at a Puma store. Painted in 2009.

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