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Life Sized Models Ruffle Feathers at London's Fashion Week

by Kate Sedgwick Sep 23, 2009
The latest kerfuffle from London’s Fashion Week is the walking out of two team members on knitwear designer Mark Fast’s crew.

Gearing up for the event, the Canadian born, 28-year-old designer decided to add plus sized models to his showcase and two of his employees were apparently so upset by this that they quit.

I am so curious about the rationale behind these walk-outs that I must speculate as to the frame of mind of these people.

Were the following sentences uttered or thought?

“I must stand on my principles, and so even if it means I’m out of a job, I must stick to my low-IQ-stoner-surfer guns and say, ‘No fat chicks.'”

“I won’t have my name associated with a designer who would stoop to such a level as to let women who don’t spend a quarter of their lives vomiting walk the runway. It shows a lack of commitment to true fashion.”

“Models that take modeling seriously commit to torturous regimens of drug use and starvation. To allow women who don’t ascribe to these basic principles shows a lack of regard for professionalism and reflects poorly on me.”

I would really like to have a look at these quitters to better speculate on whether or not they have eating disorders themselves. Maybe they’re size 12-14s and are blind with jealousy thinking of the modeling careers they missed out on.

In any case, a quick look at the original Daily Mail article reveals photos of models who are considered plus sized, but are not fat by any stretch of the imagination.

This move on the part of Mark Fast has likely brought publicity and new clientele to his fashion label, and I wonder what it’s brought to the two crew members who are running scared.

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