Literal Video: The Endless Charm of Stating the Obvious

by Kate Sedgwick Sep 1, 2009

The first literal video I saw was this A-Ha “Take on Me” spoof.

I couldn’t stop laughing. It touched a chord. So often you or I might sing a snippet in the spirit of the literal video, but to do it so seamlessly and for the length of the entire song, well, you have to admit that it takes talent.

Among the many YouTube users now posting their own literal videos, many mention Dusty McNeato whom they credit as being the originator of literal video. Apparently due to copyright laws, the original literal A-Ha video was taken off and in its absence others stepped into its place, including a Dutch version of the same video.

A quick search of Dusty McNeato reveals his personal website and YouTube Channel.

The following are some recent gems of the genre.

It’s easy to hate Total Eclipse of the Heart, the tune that’s mocked at least once a night at any Karaoke throughout the U.S. You’ve been overexposed and are now suffering from Eclipse poisoning. Never fear. Get your mock on with this critical and observational jewel of snark and goofiness.

I added this one simply because, though the singing is far from convincing, the lyrics are true to the form and though I think we’ve all been Rick-Rolled, I don’t know that more than a handful of us have been literally Rick-Rolled. Perhaps Rick-Rolling has had its day, but if you want to surprise someone with some Rick, I think this is the way it must be done hence forth.

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