In honor of the most recent inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio this month, Chuck D dedicated his entire Air America show (originally aired April 5) to the music and history of the most recent inductees.

Featuring a playlist that includes Run D.M.C., Wanda Jackson, Eminem, Aretha Franklin, The Yardbirds and Metallica, this show seriously rocks.

Here’s a performance of Run D.M.C with Aerosmith doing “Walk This Way” in 2002:

Checking out the original video will make you wonder why awesome collaborations like this don’t seem to happen anymore (embedding disabled but available for viewing on youtube here).

Chuck D packs the spaces between the songs with interesting tidbits of information about the inductees, taking a break from the normal “On the Real” political talk format to bring us his picks – guaranteed to rock your afternoon or evening for 75 minutes.

Listen to the show here:

Download it for yourself here. Subscribe to “On the Real with Chuck D” here, and check out the inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here.