If you can’t trust a reverend, who can you trust?

When Reverend Run speaks, you better listen, homeboy. This 1984 Run DMC track seems prophetic with the current economic situation and the swine flu:

Hard times! Spreading just like the flu. Watch out, homeboy, don’t let it catch you.

If you’re down on your luck, this song just might help pick you up a bit. The track is honest — they speak from the heart (and their guts):

Hard times can take you on a natural trip, So keep your balance, and don’t you slip. Hard times is nothing new on me, I’m gonna use my strong mentality.

If that don’t pump you up, they get Rocky on you at the end:

I’m gonna keep on fighting till my very last breath.

So, chin up. Keep on keepin’ on. We’ll get through it.

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