Country: Kenya

Capital: Nairobi

Quick geo-fact: The highest mountain in Kenya is Mount Kenya at 5199 meters. Mount Kilimanjaro, like the beer with the same name, is actually in Tanzania. Though the best view of it — depending who you ask — is from Kenya.

Artist: Kenyan group Just a Band grew out of the artistic collaboration of its members during their time at Kenyatta University. With their single “Ha-He,” they’ve created Kenya’s first meme in the music video’s lead character, Makmende — whose name is a Swahili slang-ification of the Dirty Harry phrase “Go ahead, make my day” (Mek ma nday). The character now has more YouTube engagement than any sane person could sit through, and his antics in the video led to a second short following the story of what happened to his headband in the final conflict.

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