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Compare the White Stripes Song to U.S. Air Force Reserve Ad

by Kate Sedgwick Feb 15, 2010
According to the BBC and nearly every other news outlet on earth to judge by a Google search, the White Stripes are “outraged” by an ad for the U.S. Air Force Reserve.

The ad featured a song which sounded too much like “Fell in Love With a Girl” to be a sound-alike and aired it during the Super Bowl. The White Stripes are using this opportunity to register an anti-war message in a public forum.

The Air Force has pulled the ad which drew parallels between several fun-looking extreme sports and part time military service which would obligate reservists to be called into active duty at any time. Those who bought the message might be expecting a weekend at the ski hill and instead find themselves embroiled in full scale war.

What many news outlets seem to be missing are audio clips for your comparing pleasure. Below, watch the Air Force Reserve ad followed by the video of the original song.

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