Kesha’s Tik Tok as Dissected by GloZell

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Kate Sedgwick
Apr 5, 2010
GloZell is onto something. Kesha’s got a problem with alcohol.

It can’t be a secret when Wikipedia states, “While in Los Angeles, Kesha had the opportunity to sing background vocals for Paris Hilton’s single, ‘Nothing in This World,’ which led to a later incident in which she vomited in Hilton’s closet.

Even if you don’t have the faintest idea of who Kesha is (I didn’t), if you resent corporate rock, inane lyrics devoid of meaning, and cookie cutter sound, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for GloZell‘s observational comedy.

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If it’s time to do some soul searching about alcohol, why not pop over to BraveNewTraveler and read The Tie That Binds: Do We Need Alcohol to Connect on the Road?

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