Anticipating the blowing of my mind next time I make it down to my hometown.

THERE AIN’T MANY vegan restaurants in Texas. Even here in Austin, the most likely candidate for animal-free cuisine — practically nothing. We’re too damn proud of our BBQ.

So yesterday I get an email from my wife, subject: “IMPORTANT”. It reads: “new vegan tex-mex restaurant opened in san antonio. must plan trip immediately.”

Said restaurant is called Vegeria and opened just this week. It’s up on the 8400 block of Broadway, just south of 410, an area that always marked the border of feasibility for how far we could drive, eat, and drive back during my high school lunch hour. The same block as Alamo Heights classics Four Ten Diner and Hsiu Yu. That’s a lot to live up to.

Their menu is pretty nontraditional, but we’re talking vegan Mexican food, so… I’m gonna eat it good next time I’m home:

  • Vegan nachos
  • Potato, Corn, and Poblano Flautas
  • Homemade Vegan Tamales