Hanksy is one of the more amusing street artists out there today. He’s not ever trying to make a grand artistic or political statement with his work. He just wants to make puns. You can check out his work on his Tumblr page — the basic gist is that he transposes an image of a celebrity onto something else and puns on it.

So a reindeer with Lil Wayne’s head is a Lil Waynedeer. A coyote with Miley Cyrus’s head on it is Mile E. Coyote. And so on. While it sounds kinda juvenile, it’s frankly infinitely better than a lot of the overly heavy-handed political statements you sometimes get from street artists like Banksy.

Hanksy recently did an interview for the web series No Your City, which is focused on strange and interesting NYC residents, and it’s fantastic. “I don’t think anyone takes the game as serious as I do,” he says, as the camera shows him spray-painting boobs on a TV.

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