Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel recently sent out a camera crew onto the streets of Hollywood Boulevard and asked passersby whether they preferred Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act which — (SPOILER ALERT) — is the exact same, goddamn thing. Most of them, of course, did not like Obamacare, because of “socialism” and “big government” and other big scary words. But they liked the sound of the Affordable Care Act.

To be fair, if George Bush had, eight years ago, pushed for an initiative to give delicious jelly beans to everyone in the country, and a small group of hyperpartisan hack Democrats labeled the jelly beans “BushLumps” in an attempt to alienate the public, I probably would’ve told a late night talk show host that Jelly Beans were way better than BushLumps because of “fascism” and “warmongering” and other big scary words.

Regardless, there are two lessons here for Americans:

  1. If a strange man with a camera comes to you on the street and asks you questions about something you don’t know about, don’t answer him. Have the humility to say, “I don’t know,” and walk away. Better to look stupid to him than like a complete fucking asshole to the entire country.
  2. Maybe pay a little less attention to the packaging of things, and a bit more to the content inside the packaging (let’s ignore that I just typed that on my MacBook, shall we?).

Because you can call a jelly bean fascist all you want: It’s still gonna be delicious.

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