Before I moved to Buenos Aires, sports didn’t matter to me. Even growing up in Louisville, KY, I was never consumed by March madness and observed with a cynical eye as my mother began following UofL basketball, wondering if pod people had taken her.

I’m starting to get it, though. If I happen to be drowsing through a game, and Argentina scores a goal I can rest assured (or not) my neighbors will wake me up with shouting, air horn blowing and the odd vuvuzela. The sidewalks are littered with confetti following each World Cup match. And I have to admit that I’m getting swept up in it.

So today I went to Plaza San Martín to catch the match between Argentina and Mexico and I’m glad I did. The crowd was great, the game was awesome (Sorry, Mexico fans.) and hours later, horns are still honking in the street. The city’s on a high, and I’m grateful to be here for it all. This has got to be the biggest party I’ve ever been to.


The most dramatic costume of the day by far was this Gorilla replete with a small palm tree.

1.The most dramatic costume of the day by far was this Gorilla replete with a small palm tree.


Gol! Argentina scores.



Gol! Argentina scores.



Gol! Argentina scores.

4.The crowd was massive. Just massive.


Gol! Argentina scores.

5.Pirate of the Rio de la Plata screams, saxophone in hand.


Gol! Argentina scores.

6. This woman did not uncross her fingers for the entire game.


Gol! Argentina scores.

7.Governor Macri makes an appearance and smiles for the camera.


Gol! Argentina scores.

8.Eber Ludueña, an Argentine comedian, tops himself on the big screen.


Gol! Argentina scores.

9. A fan who has painstakingly painted his ears gives the thumbs up.


Gol! Argentina scores.

10.Dale! Dale! We score again! Goooooooooooolllllll!


Gol! Argentina scores.

11. It's pretty much decided. Extra time's almost off the clock.


Gol! Argentina scores.

12.A grateful fan nearly sheds tears.


Gol! Argentina scores.

13.Argentina's won the game.


Gol! Argentina scores.

14.Magic number 10, once that of Maradona, now Messi's, on a Boston terrier.