The Sirocco sits out like a bird nest 64 floors above the hectic streets of Bangkok. After spending an evening there I have no doubt it’s one of top 10 rooftop bars in the world.

LEBUA SEEMS almost like a Steve Wynn casino. They’ve got a bunch of different little restaurants and bars. Each has its own specialty: sushi, oysters, fancy whiskey, cigars or martinis, but all of them share the best view in BKK.




Sirocco bar

Sitting atop Bangkok's second tallest skyscraper, the Sky Bar at Sirocco is the best place in the city for an amazing view and a stiff drink.


Lebua Lights

The designers were big on light effects when they designed Lebua. The Sky Bar lights up and changes colors constantly. A few floors below at Breeze, Lebua's seafood restaurant, there's a glass walkway full of LED lights that takes some courage to walk across.


Lebua Jazz Band

Looking down on the restaurant, Sirocco features a live jazz band from the US, playing hits from greats like Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone.


Distil Female DJ

A couple floors above the tables at Sirocco sits another bar called Distil. They have an oyster bar, amazing sushi and a kick ass female DJ spinning fun house records.


Sirocco, sexy date spot

Sirocco's a sexy spot for a date because of low tables tucked into corners right at the edge of the glass balcony.


Sirocco, vertigo

Leaning up against the glass and starring down to the streets below can induce vertigo. Nothing a martini won't cure!

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