Caitlin M. Kelly is a photojournalist from the US living in Buenos Aires.

HERE, SHE TAKES her photos and the music of Los Alegres Muchachos De Antes No Usaban Viagra Ni Gomina, El Trio Mas Mentado que Pisó La 33, and edits them into a narrative of a day “below street level” (Kelly’s words, not mine).

Yes. The band has a long name and it translates as The Happy Guys from Back When They Didn’t Use Viagra or Hair Gel, the Most Famous Trio Who Set Foot in the 33. Incidentally, the 33 is a police station in Belgrano, a neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

This is a Buenos Aires subway ride on the D line minus the smells and frustrations. If only traveling here were this easy.

Kelly says of the piece:

Well, I had been meaning to follow one of the musicians in the subway since I arrived in January 2008. The subway experience is a major part of Buenos Aires and the musicians give the life below street level another dimension.

I ran into Los Alegres Muchachos de Antes… one afternoon and was pretty impressed with their skill and how they squeezed three musicians into little space on the packed D Line.

When Leo Solis came around with the hat, I chatted with him about a photo essay and threw in 10 pesos and my business card. Along with shooting the piece, I recorded audio and selected one particular track. I had to edit the 7 plus minute track down to three, but it incorporated very well the sounds of the subte along with the trio.

This series can be viewed as a flash slideshow on Kelly’s website.

Kelly’s latest gallery show featured the trash fashions of Aidana Baldassarre in AvantGarb{age}. She keeps herself open to the possibilities for image making in the world around her. Her latest large scale project is documenting women with HIV in her project Yo Soy.., I Am…, in which she uses the women’s own words to show how much more they are than statistics or their HIV status.

See more of Caitlin’s photos on Matador in The people of Tattoo Show Buenos Aires.

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