Saturday night before the presidential elections here in Buenos Aires, my guy took me out to Teatro Mandril to see a band.

I didn’t check them out beforehand — I just went. All he told me was that they started out years ago playing in the street downtown and that they had two female sax players. It sounded like a good night to me, and so it was.

Pollerapantalón (which means skirtpants) has grown since the last time my boyfriend, Seba, saw them a few years ago. They are 4 horns strong now and have a keyboard player, too. In all, that makes them a (sometimes) 9-piece.

They opened with a ska number, but they’re not limited to a single sound. There was plenty of awesome, full, danceable music that broke borders between tango, ’70s-style funk, ska, classic jazz, klezmer, and good old fashioned rock. They only sang on two songs, one of which I stood still long enough to record. Listen here:

Pollerapantalón puts on a great show — lots of dancing and hamming it up, lots of vaudevillian gestures, theatrical facial expressions, and nods to serious jazz soloing. These kids have chops, but they’re not jerks about it. The music is fun and they know it. They’ve taken on gigs with a circus here in the city and are starting to play large regional festivals.

If you happen to be in Buenos Aires, you might be lucky enough to find them at the corner of Florida and Diagonal Norte. Otherwise, you can check them out on the web to see where you might find them.

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