Reggie Watts is a genius.

I don’t know what other classification this guy fits into. I heard in an interview once that he never repeats songs. He is highly improvisational and makes up entirely new music in front of live audiences time after time, and you’d never guess that he’s making it up as he goes along.

This video shows Watts live looping (as he always does), but this time using only an iPhone running through a soundboard. You might try this and see what kind of sounds you can get with apps like Everyday Looper or Loopy.

While the genre “comedy music” calls to mind Weird Al (who I love, don’t get me wrong), what Watts does is a genre all its own. The rockability of his music is something you can’t deny — it’s danceable and exciting sounding.

The fact that it’s all done with his voice and in the moment — layering sounds, voices, nonsense words, and concrete concepts on top of each other — blows me away.

* Feature photo by poptech

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