Royal de Luxe’s famous marionettes celebrate the Fall of the The Wall by turning Berlin into their playground.

The massive and astounding marionettes came to Berlin in a program called “The Berlin Reunion”, a series of eight walks set to commemorate German Reunification.

Hauled by cranes and scores of puppeteers, the giants moved about town over four days from October 1-4, following a tale set in motion by Royal de Luxe. The story told over the course of these walks was of two giants being separated by a city torn in two by monsters, eventually reuniting despite epic odds.


Girl Giant

1. Once upon a time, a long time ago, Berlin was a swamp inhabited by giants. They planted roots in the water which slowly grew up into trees, whose trunks they later used to build shelters.


Girl Giant Facet

2. In one of these huts lived a Little Giantess together with her uncle, Big Giant. He had given her a wonderful boat in which she could travel across the continent. But one day land and sea monsters tore the city in two: And one of the two pieces was walled up.


Yellow Slicker

3. When this happened the Big Giant and the Little Giantess were separated.


Girl Giant

4. He was so angry that he threw himself into the river and from there he wandered through the depths of the oceans looking for the sleeping geyser on the seat floor.


Girl Giant Boat

5. Many years passed but eventually he found it.


Deep Sea Diver Giant

6. He dragged it underneath the city walls and woke it rudely. The earth shook, the walls crumbled and washed away...


Girl Giant in Sea of Red Clad Men

7. ...a strong wind made the Little Giantess' boat start moving and pulled roots of the trees up into the air.


Dive Boot

8.When this was all over, the Big Giant climbs out of the river and starts searching.


Helmet Comes off

9. The Little Giantess wakes up beside her boat...



10. ...and discovers a sack of letters which were never delivered.



11. She decides she is going to deliver the post and on her way round the city...



12. ...she is reunited with her big uncle, the Big Giant.

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