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Sexy Sushi: The Global Foreplay Food

by Tim Patterson Oct 21, 2008
Want to impress a hot date? Go out for sushi – the world’s sexiest food.

Not so long ago, sushi was hard to find outside of Japan. In recent years, however, raw fish on rice has gone global in a big way. From Melbourne to Memphis and from Brussels to Beijing, no matter where you travel these days, you’ll never be far from a California Roll.

Somewhere along the way, sushi became the world’s sexiest food. Strangely enough, there’s something about sushi that makes sexy singles around the world want to take off their clothes.

How did sushi get so sexy? Here are some ideas.

Sushi Is Exotic

A sushi bar has a seductive perfume of exotic class that a steakhouse or Italian restaurant just can’t match.

Nothing is more romantic than foreign travel, but jetting off to distant lands is way too forward – and expensive – for a first or second date. Going out for sushi lets you and your date indulge in exotic pleasure without leaving the county.

Sushi is Erotic

A slab of raw tuna slides over the tongue. Salmon eggs pop in the mouth, releasing salty juices. A jolt of wasabi blows sinus passages clean.

Eating sushi is a sensual experience, a combination of visual anticipation, delicate presentation and sheer physical pleasure.

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Sushi Is Expensive

By taking your date out for sushi, you prove that you’re rich enough to drop a wad of cash on tiny pieces of raw fish. You also send the message that you think your date is special enough to deserve an expensive meal.

Sushi Is Dangerous

OK, sushi isn’t really that dangerous. But eating raw seafood does feel a little bit risky. By downing a spicy tuna roll without blinking, you show that you’re willing to walk on the wild side.

Sushi Is Light

Ever try to have sex after three helpings of fettucini alfredo? Probably didn’t go so well, right?

A few pieces of sushi and some green tea ice cream won’t weigh you down. Sticking to a light meal will make you and your date feel frisky and athletic, primed for bedroom aerobics.

Sushi Is Sophisticated

No matter where in the world you travel, eating sushi marks you as a member of the global elite. Sushi is a luxury food, just like Starbucks is a luxury coffee or Mercedes is a luxury car. A sushi date shows that you’ve got money, but it also shows that you’ve got sophisticated taste.

Sushi Is Salty

Soy sauce and traditional appetizers like edamame and miso soup are loaded with salt. As any bartender knows, salty food makes people want to drink beer. As any college student knows, drinking beer makes people lose their inhibitions and want to have sex.

Add in the fact that sushi is a light meal, and you and your date will get drunk – and horny – even quicker.

Sushi Is Sexy

No doubt about it, sushi is the sexiest food on the planet.

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