Pol Corona. Bolivar y Belgrano. San Telmo, Buenos Aires, 2011 from JUANELE AR on Vimeo.

This video shows just how easy it is to do street art in Buenos Aires.

Pol Corona just picks a spot in San Telmo and gets to work. This video and the mural Corona paints in it were sponsored by Juanele AR, where you can also read an outstanding article by Rick Powell about Corona’s evolution in style as a street artist that started when he was a kid, and where the 870 in his tag comes from.

Full discolure: I work for Juanele AR and run the San Telmo Art Walk for the organization. We pass this mural on the tour, and it’s changing all the time. Last week, I was surprised to see the bottom half, all done on posters over marble, had been completely stripped away. It’s still there, though, part of the ever changing surfaces of Buenos Aires’ oldest neighborhood. I just hope we see another fresh one by Corona soon.

Check out more of Corona’s work on Flickr.

Feature photo: Andy Donohoe
Video shot by Alejandro Armaleo and edited by Axel Byrfors