Your perspective is wanted here. Photo and Feature Photo: Joshua Rappeneker

Matador Nights is about strong perspectives.

While we like to know why good things are good, we also revel in the sour, the acerbic, the witty, and the cutting.

If you’re getting tired of people jokingly saying to you, “Yeah! But tell us what you really think,” then you should probably consider submitting something to us.

Ask yourself the following questions:

-Do I have stories about shows, concerts, festivals, restaurants, clubs, meals, or drunken escapades wherein the story is heavily reliant on place?

Are these my go-to stories that I tell new people to get to know them and in order that they can get to know me?

-Do people laugh at these stories?

If you answered yes to the preceding questions, we are looking for your stories.

Tell the truth.

Let it all hang out.

Laugh at yourself and others.

You may contact me directly with pitches at kate [at] matadornetwork [dot] com. I will be reading for thoughtful presentation. Do your best. Put “I submit!” in the subject line so I know you read this.

Thank you for your attention,

Kate Sedgwick