A hostel in London lets voyeurs peek into a fourteen bed dorm. Whooo…huh?

St. Christopher’s. Photo: Skrivanet

St Christopher’s Inn Hostel at London Bridge has flipped on a few webcams, hoping to shed light on what really goes on inside of a dorm room. The thing is, most of us already know what happens – not much. Here are ten things that we expect to see on the hostel’s live cam:

1. The dazed glee of a person who has the room to themselves from 8:22-8:34pm and their sigh as three girls from Bakersfield show up at 8:35, like, ready to p-a-r-t-y.

2. People realizing that they left their toothbrush at the last hostel – again.

3. BIG fights between traveling couples on such exciting topics as the amount of time spent together, differing sightseeing agendas, Irish guys, why one bag is so damned heavy and who has to carry it, PMS – who has it and who’s a jerk for stooping to mention it, lost items and lack of funds.

4. A girl named Roberta furiously highlighting her Lonely Planet but never leaving the room.

There’s always one. Photo: Hollyswayne

5. The silent, unspoken struggle for electrical outlets, wherein an absent boarder has his iPod unplugged from the wall.

6. Young people vomiting cider, too inexperienced to know that it’s way too sweet to consume nine pints in one evening.

7. The tossing and turning that comes when the room has an early riser, most likely somebody in a panic because their flight leaves from Heathrow in sixty minutes (no chance).

8. Just exactly what the cleaning staff takes out of the garbage and keeps for themselves.

9. A condom accidentally flying onto the floor as a dude digs through his shower kit for something else, then the scramble that ensues to cover it up before anyone notices.

10. The solo sulking that happens when everyone in the room bonds with the exception of one traveler, who will be half-heartedly invited for drinks and not accept. This person will sit alone and read The Memory Keeper’s Daughter for three hours, then go to sleep.

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