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Weed Ambassadors Sought at Matador Nights

by Kate Sedgwick Feb 24, 2010
Tell your pothead friends.
If they can write, that is.

YOU DON’T NEED to be a hesher for the job, but it probably helps to have a handle on the language. MatadorNights wants to bring our readers solid information about marijuana around the world. What are the laws? Is it safe to smoke out? How do you find some? You get the picture.

As a general guide, please see this post. It may be a little lackluster, but it was written by someone who rarely indulges (that would be me), so if you can tackle this topic with enthusiasm and aplomb, please send a sample by selecting a country and writing a blurb about the marijuana experience there. Paste it into the body of an email and send it on over to kate [at] with the subject line: Ganganator

The articles will be broken up by regions, so we’ll do Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central America, South America, Northern Africa, West Africa, and so on. We can throw in country specific posts also. Want to tackle state laws in the U.S.? Great. The most important thing is factual information about the laws and the marijuana culture in each article.

There may be more than one worthy candidates, and in that case we’ll take this on a pitch to pich basis.

If you can battle the anti-motivational syndrome and bust out two of these a month, that would be ideal. Each article will pay $25 via PayPal.

In case you’re curious, Matador Network doesn’t publish under pseudonyms. If that crushes it for you, sorry.

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