Win a Sansa slotRadio Player and Feature Your Favorite Music Here on Matador Nights!

Check out this article on Matador Goods: Gear Review + Giveaway: Sansa slotRadio Player

No lie. With less than 50 words, you can win a super compact mp3 player that doubles as a radio and holds 1,000 songs.

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Write the title and artist of the song you choose – one that’s near and dear to your heart for its ability to inspire you to travel – or one that calls you to a place out there in the world or back home again. Briefly explain to us how and why it moves you and leave that explanation in the comments field in the article linked above.

That’s it!

You have one week. Hey, that’s less than 8 words a day you have to write!

Top entrants will have their words featured here along with downloadable mp3’s of their picks. Share the music you love and win.

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