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10 Reasons You Should Never Travel To Mexico

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by Susannah Rigg Apr 20, 2015

1. Traditional, fresh, varied Mexican food? Why bother when you can rustle up some fajitas from a packet at home?

2. Mezcal, distilled in clay pots, drunk straight from the producers barrel? Nah, just have a tequila shot at your local bar.

3. 68 different indigenous languages and all the culture that comes with it? That sounds way too much to take in…

4. Irresistible and beautiful handicrafts, bought straight from the artisan to decorate your house? Nope, just nip down to Ikea.

5. Talking to the most friendly people in the world? No thanks, that’s just too uncomfortable.

6. You have important things to do, you can’t possibly put up with the slower pace…

7. The Caribbean paradise and surf beaches with amazing breaks are nothing to write home about…

8. Travel to Mexico, where there are mountains, desert, beaches, jungle, archeological sites? That will just make you not want to travel anywhere else.

9. Celebrating the dead? That’s just creepy.

10. Why would you go to a country so magical and beautiful that you don’t ever want to leave? That just makes life very complicated…

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