11 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Travel to Argentina

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by Ana Bulnes Apr 6, 2015

1. Iguazu Falls are probably not that impressive.

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2. Why would you want to visit weird colored mountains? They won’t get you any more likes on Instagram.

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3. Travel all the way to end of the world only to see a big block of ice surrounded by mountains? You have more exciting things to do.

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4. Scuba diving with sea lions is overrated.

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5. Being alone and surrounded only by nature in Patagonia looks a bit boring.

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6. Alfajores are just another sweet. You have your own desserts at home, no need to try anything new.

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7. A bookstore in a theater? Too weird, and not even photogenic.

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8. Live tango? Why bother? That’s what YouTube is for!

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9. Meat is meat, don’t be fooled.

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10. Same with wine.

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11. Why on Earth would you want to hang out with these guys, anyway? They’re not so cute.

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