12 Reasons You Should Never Travel To Sydney With Your Kids

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Katie Scott Aiton
Jun 10, 2015

1. You like to dress your little one in hand-me-downs from your mum.

2. Because being able to order a babyccino without cringing is no biggie.

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3. You know the songs of Hi-5 off by heart but your children meeting them in person wouldn’t be major.

4. Indoor sky diving? What little guy would want to live out his dream of being a superhero?

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5. Australia is well known for its shark-infested waters. It’s hardly a place you’d want to teach your kiddies to swim.

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6. Why on earth would anyone want to take their kids to the world’s largest IMAX? And for free for documentaries? Madness!

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7. And there’s nothing to do in winter. Oh… other than some of the world’s best swimming pool complexes.

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8. Visiting one of the coolest Sea Life centers on the planet would not blow your family’s mind!

9. Because camping overnight, waking with the lions, feeding giraffes, and hanging out with the zoo keepers at Taronga Zoo sounds really dull.

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10. Children are welcome EVERYWHERE even at happy hour!

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11. The beaches are full of supermodels and don’t cater for families with outdoor baby pools.

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12. You prefer your kids to be home playing the Xbox rather than rock pooling on Bondi.

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