MOST OF US make plans to hit the road during the summer, but there are plenty of reasons to consider the off seasons. Oregon is no exception. Head over in June and you’ll just precede the crush of tourists looking to kick off the summer in early July. There’s more reasons to hit up Oregon in June than we can count, but here’s our top 13!

1. The surf’s still up with a few final spring storms, but many breaks are calming down enough for beginners.

2. There’s still some snow on the peaks, despite the increasingly mild-to-warm weather June brings.

3. Which can help make the epic views (such as this one of Mount Hood) just that little bit more epic.

4. Speaking of Mount Hood, you may have the trails and views to yourself (or at least, you and the locals).

5. The snow that has melted through the spring ensures the waterfalls (like Proxy Falls) are thundering along.

6. The farmers’ markets are in full swing, making gorging on fresh food easier than ever.

7. As the weather lightens up, barbecue season arrives with guns blazing.

8. It’s the perfect temperature for a bike ride, especially if you plan to partake in the annual Portland Naked Bike Ride (this year: June 27th). Go “as bare as you dare!”

9. It’s also great weather for a stroll… such as marching in the annual Pride Parade (this year: June 14th)

10. Take in the famous Grand Floral Parade, part of the Portland Rose Festival, an annual two week-long party celebrating the “City of Roses.” Known to include various parades, dragon boat races, art shows, bands and live music, various competitions, and some years, a zombie walk. (Late May to mid June)

11. Bandon Beach is still relatively free of the summer tourists.

12. The days are warm but the nights are perfect for gathering around a fire.

13. And the sunsets — like this one in Samuel Boardman State Park — are known to deliver, night after night.