I‘VE LIVED IN CALIFORNIA, both Northern and Southern, for over 20 years. Honestly, I can’t figure out what the 15 million international tourists each year expect to see.

1. Camping with a view? No thanks.

the perfect campsite by Sam Brockway on 500px.com

2. You’ve seen a thousand bridges…why would you want to see another?

By Joe Azure

3. You’d rather see parking lots when you turn west during the sunset.

By Tony Eckersley

4. Road trips are boring.

By Toby Harriman

5. Swimming in lap pools is just better.

By Matt Aden

6. Being in awe of nature isn’t your thing.

By Michael Bonocore

7. Adventure isn’t in your vocabulary..

By Mark Gvazdinskas

8. Who wants adrenaline with their morning surf?

By Casey McCallister

9. You prefer to practice your kick flips in the Walmart parking lot.

By Chris Burkard

10. Panoramic views don’t impress you.

By Joe Azure

11. Los Angeles is just a concrete jungle.

By Fabian Leitz

12. You’re afraid of heights.

By Toby Harriman

13. You’d rather go to bed right after dinner.

By Natalia Stone

14. A stressful lifestyle is a better lifestyle.

By Tony Eckersley

Featured image: blmcalifornia