15 Amazing Skylines That Make Seattle One of the Most Beautiful Cities in the US

by Michael Bonocore Jul 21, 2015

SEATTLE is experiencing a boom in both population and real estate prices as young tech companies and their employees attempt to escape the high prices of Silicon Valley. With massive companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, and Amazon already calling Seattle home, the city is growing quickly, and for good reason. It ranks ninth on the Forbes Best Places for Business and Careers list, and its clean and attractive downtown neighborhood helps add to the high quality of life Seattleites enjoy.

Seattle’s impressive skyline and dramatic storms also make it popular among photographers. Here we’ve collected some of our favorite images that prove Seattle is one of the most impressive cities in the United States.


By Matt Mitgang

Photograph Seattle Sunset - Kerry Park by Matt Mitgang on 500px


By Joel Schat


By Eddie Murdock

By Vijay Chebium


By Tyson Poeckh

By Siddhartha Saha


By Dave Prill

By Jeremy Jonkman


By Mo Aoun Photo

By Gabriel Tompkins


By Ross Bretherton

By Matt Sahli


By Kenneth Lane

Photograph Seattle Lightning Storm by Kenneth Lane on 500px

Seattle Lightning Storm by Kenneth Lane on 500px


By Anthony May


By Derek Kind

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