1. You don’t like crystal clear, deserted beaches. Besides, they’re probably so remote you can’t even get a phone signal.

2 . Mountains? Not really your thing, either. You have to walk (and you get tired), it’s always cold, and those lakes you come across are too freezing to swim in.

3. You’re not at all interested in a country with so many architectural wonders from a Muslim past. So what if they’re World Heritage Sites? UNESCO won’t change your mind.

4. You don’t understand why everyone is so fascinated with Gaudí. Is his style really so original? Parc Güell is simply overrated.

5. You don’t trust a country whose streets and squares are crowded with people even at night.

6. Why would you want to drive all the way to a coastal road full of tiny fishing villages? They’re not that beautiful…

7. Besides, they pride themselves on being a modern country, but once a year they allow sheep to walk through the streets in Madrid. Really?

8. Why would you visit a cave whose walls are covered in Prehistoric paintings and carvings?

9. You think the same about attending a play in the remains of a Roman theater… it’s all ruins and you don’t even have a ceiling over your head!

10. Being offered some free food whenever you order a drink makes you feel uncomfortable. You’re pretty sure you’re getting leftovers or expired tapas.

11. No, you don’t want to walk around a volcanic crater. Are we crazy?

12. Surf is too dangerous, and walking on the beach too boring. Not to mention sand. So annoying.

13. Why would you want to see real dinosaur footprints? If you cared about them you’d watch Jurassic Park… at least there you’d get a bit more action.

14. Oh, great, people who just start singing and dancing in the middle of the street. You’d rather keep your distance.

15. Why would you want to visit the windmills Cervantes wrote about in Don Quixote? The landscape is not that special and you don’t understand how they can be mistaken for giants.

16. Having a drink in a terrace at night? Do these people ever sleep?

17. Why would you want to visit a country where summer solstice is celebrated by lighting –and sometimes jumping over — bonfires? It sounds a bit primitive, doesn’t it?