Where I live the trees are budding out, but in much of the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, winter continues. The images below are an ode to the season.

[Note: All images and photographer notes come courtesy of our friends at Global Yodel, who remind us that “one’s home is another’s destination.” Check out the other collections they’ve shared with Matador: 25 intimate portraits of place, and Place via art: 20 illustrations.]


Ann Arbor, Michigan

Photographer: Colin Blakely Notes: "I live on the 500-block of Keech Avenue. There is a quiet here in the winter. People stay inside more, and the snow, especially when it’s still fresh, muffles sound. There are few experiences as peaceful as walking around after (or during) a big snow storm. Yet there are, even in the winter, signs of life everywhere."


Shetland Islands

Photographer: David Cooper Notes: "Lying halfway between Scotland and Norway, Shetland is often called "Ultima Thule," which refers to any distant place beyond the known world. It certainly feels like that at times, and the weather here can do strange things. They say that the west side of Shetland has the best weather, but I didn't know it could get this brilliantly messed up. This was shot in winter, and the unique combination of freezing temperatures, thick snow, thick mist, and blazing sun had transformed the wilderness over the hill from my house into a landscape similar to the planet Hoth in Star Wars."


Denver, Colorado

Photographer: Colby Brown, Director of Photography for MatadorU Notes: "The Capitol Building in Denver is one of the most iconic pieces of architecture that we have in the city. Located just southeast of downtown Denver, it is easily accessible, very aesthetically pleasing, and extra gorgeous in the winter, which is when this image was taken."


Thorngumbald, East Yorkshire, England

Photographer: Stuart Pillinger Notes: "I often enjoy going for walks into the countryside very early in the morning in winter, especially when it is snowing. I find snow to be such a wonderful thing, how it joins everything together into one flowing landscape, covering what would normally be clear divisions between one thing and another. I especially enjoy going to see these horses. I think they are such beautiful animals, so big and powerful yet so graceful and calm in their movement and demeanor. The experience of standing in a field of snow in the early morning with these majestic animals around me was a very serene and memorable one. I feel very lucky to live in a place that is surrounded by nature. I can be in my house, step out the front door, and within minutes be surrounded by fields."


Mount Tom, California

Photographer: Matador Ambassador Ben Ditto Notes: "This photo is of a storm blowing out of Pine Creek Canyon and over Mount Tom and Round Valley. To me, this image displays the forces at work on the landscape. On the one hand we have the limitless power of nature and on the other we have man, whose existence depends on using the resources we find in the landscape. We don’t often think of mankind as being implicated in the formation of mountains and rivers, but for centuries now we have been involved in changing our landscape for our benefit. In the end, we humans are a part of nature and will have to re-familiarize ourselves with our landscape and the limits of resource consumption."


Tallinn, Estonia

Photographer: Sergio Jensen Notes: "People struggle to dig their cars out from the snow in December, but even when they do, temperatures sometimes don’t allow to start the engine anyway. Your tears, as well as whatever is in your runny nose, will freeze as soon as you step outside. It is cold and dry. The beach, which in summer is full of people getting a tan and having a swim, in winter is dead empty and pleasantly quiet. You see nothing but white snow and some grey trees not far from the shore. You hear nothing but waves coming closer to you and the sound of snow crunching under your feet as you take a step. You feel nothing but serenity and emptiness."


St. Paul, Minnesota

Photographer: T.J. Proechel Notes: "Perfect day in Saint Paul? Delicious coffee, a competitive game of basketball at the L.A. Fitness, a delicious Vietnamese lunch, photographing and movie and drinks."


Santiago, Chile

Photographer: Matías Montecinos Notes: "Start in the capital, Santiago. Then travel directly to the south."


Edmonton, Alberta

Photographer: Jodi Tychkowsky Notes: "Darkness and Light. A sunshine capital of Canada, although much of the long winter is spent largely in darkness. The long days in the summer are glorious -- Edmontonians play twice as hard in the short summer. The winters can be miserable, but also indescribably beautiful. A strong sense of community emerges when the winter gets tough and we are all doing -30 degree days."


Mississauga, Ontario

Photographer: Riley Snelling Notes: "When I was younger and just getting into photography I used to go exploring with a few friends trying to find new places to photograph. The city of Mississauga itself isn’t anything special but the surrounding areas are quite beautiful if you like to admire simple things in life. If you head south you’ll hit Lake Ontario, which is scattered with small parks along the waterfront, and if you go north you’ll run into farmland and a few smaller towns. For food I recommend Helen's Fish and Chips along Lakeshore and the Green Bean (great coffee) just west of Mississauga on Lakeshore."


New York City

Photographer: Seymour Templar Notes: "I was working in midtown Manhattan, with a good view of the Empire State Building, and have become accustomed to use it as both a reminder of how I love this city, as well as a weather vane. You can gauge pretty quickly the weather out there by looking at the skyscraper. This was a wet, snowy day. The raindrops give a summary of that morning in New York: cold and melancholic, almost timeless. New York changes so quickly, but you can always find its soul in random patches of solitude."


Mt. Norquay, Banff National Park

Photographer: Andrew Querner Notes: "At 81 Leo Berchtold skied every day last season or close to it. With his trademark outfit he is easily spotted on the slopes. Back in the day they used to call him “Steel Pipe” for his high speed, non-stop, top to bottom approach."


Fairbanks, Alaska

Photographer: Ben Huff Notes: "Winters in Fairbanks can be brutal. It isn’t uncommon to have long stretches of -40 f degree temperatures. In the depths of winter, it's imperative that you have a sense of humor. This photo gets to that Alaskan quirkiness that I love so much."


Sluis, Netherlands

Photographer: Peter-Paul de Meijer Notes: "You don’t see a lot of big American cars around here due to high fuel prices and taxes, but my friend Robin drives a 1979 Chevrolet Caprice. On this particular day we drove off with plans for Bruges in mind, but ended up in Knokke, an upscale sea community, just across the border. A lot of the villlas in Knokke are owned by Belgian people who spend their summer on the beach and winters in warmer places. Sluis gets a lot of tourism from people from Knokke and vice versa, which is why there is such a large selection of shops and restaurants here. Although Sluis is usually very busy during summer, there’s not much going on during winter. The winter scenery is beautiful though."


Bergen, Norway

Photographer: Anna Wergelius Notes: "Bergen is a rainy human oasis in the arms of mother nature."


Grand Rapids, Michigan

Photographer: Ryan Greaves Notes: "Surfing on Lake Michigan off the Grand Haven Pier. The season starts in fall and goes until you can’t feel your face. Sometimes the journey is better than the waves, but for that perfect choppy instant it’s worth it."


Oku-Chichibu, Japan

Photographer: Hiroshi Takizawa Notes: "These are the Icicles of Misotsuchi in Oku-chichibu. They are built up very slowly by water dripping down. The best time to see these icicles is during the coldest part of the year, from about the middle of January to the middle of February. They’re located in the Arakawa headwaters."


Spray Lakes Reservoir, Alberta

Photographer: Chelsee Ivan Notes: "you on that day"


Orcas Island, Washington

Photographer: Kirk Mastin Notes: "Snowfall over Orcas Island (about 2 hours north of Seattle)"


Herriman, Utah

Photographer: Chad Hurst Notes: "Herriman sits at the base of the Oquirrh Mountains, giving the town a sense of protection."

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