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1. Living with a giant guarding the horizon? No, thank you! What if he wakes up?

2. What’s the deal with the view from Torre Latinoamericana? Haven’t you seen enough pictures like this on Instagram?

3. And don’t even consider travelling with kids. They’ll be bored to death with so many parks, candies, and colors!

4. Orchestras inside the subway? Opera shows in a market? Seriously, what’s the deal with their cultural agenda!

5. Taking a tour through the ancient Xochimilco canals in a multicolored trajinera? They don’t even have one with my name on it!

6. Getting lost inside a university that is considered a world heritage site by UNESCO? School was never really my thing…

7. Ok, they have a castle inside a forest in the middle of the biggest city in Latin America… So what?

8. Taking a walk through some of the iconic parks and plazas around the city? Too many pigeons and happiness if you ask me…

9. Ok, there are many museums… but surely they just have little unimportant exhibitions.

10. It must be difficult to live a happy life in a city completely devoid of color!

11. Going to a palace just to deliver your mail? I’ll stick with the mailbox…

12. Being harassed by mysterious creatures that will do everything for some peanuts? Sounds like the plot of some b horror movie!

13. It must be incredibly difficult to find something decent to eat!

14. Finding gigantic alebrijes in the middle of the streets? That’s just creepy…

15. These guys and their music are just everywhere!

16. And what is this supposed to be?

17. How can they go shopping with so many piñatas hanging above their heads? These things would never happen on Wal Mart.

18. Visiting one of the most important and impressive libraries of Latin America? Why should you? Reading is so overrated!

19. And what about this pagan dance in a church’s atrium? Sacrilege!

20. You must now be convinced there’s nothing to see here!