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31 Signs You Grew Up in Mexico City in the '90S

by Rulo Luna Ramos Mar 17, 2015
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1. An overwhelming nostalgia invades you every single time you hear Stevie Wonder sing “I just called to say I love you.”

2. You remember those beautiful and polluted times when school started late because of thermal inversion.

3. Taxis were Volkswagen Beetles and they came in two colors: yellow and coral.

4. And you surely travelled in a bee-colored bus… the infamous Ruta 100.

5. You remember Reino Aventura before Six Flags… and its pink dragon mascot.

6. And you grew up visiting some other weird theme parks like Divertido and Atlantis.

7. You know the Mexico 86 hymn by heart… or at least the chorus.

8. And the names Pique and Chiquitibum actually mean something to you.

9. You wrote a letter to Rogelio Moreno… or to Tío Gamboín if you were all mainstream.

10. You know who the G.C. cat is.

11. You remember the time when the gas stations weren’t green and Magna gas didn’t exist.

12. Before you ever set foot in a McDonald’s you visited a local burger joint that was personally recommended by Salma Hayek — Burger Boy.

13. You used to brag about having the coolest Trapper Keeper.

14. You remember the first time you held a $1,000 coin and how powerful it made you feel.

15. You remember the time when armies of street sellers were outside cinemas with the corresponding movie souvenirs… and there was an actual intermission in the middle of the movie.

16. The paper of your grade school textbooks was so shitty that you normally destroyed them the first time you attempted to erase anything.

17. Your legs got multiple scars, but those metallic portfolios were so hip back then.

18. You remember when The Smurfs went all satanic.

19. You remember the first time you set foot in a Videocentro.

20. The guy better known as “El no lo saque” read your hand in Coyoacán’s central plaza… and he told you the truth.

21. You clearly remember the earthquake of 1985.

22. You don’t know why, but you know part of the lyrics to “En la feria de Cepillín.”

23. You remember the time when Centro Histórico was a never-ending flea market.

24. Maybe you didn’t admit it… but you were kind of scared of El Chupacabras.

25. The only television show that was actually worth seeing during weekday mornings was Nino Canún talking about ghosts and alien invasions.

26. You went to see a Disney movie at Cine Continental… the one with the castle.

27. You went to an afternoon disco party in Medusas… and you’re still wondering why nobody seemed to care about alcohol consumption by minors.

28. You remember the time when cars’ licence plates were not associated with a color.

29. You used to drink soda in a bag… before disposable bottles were actually invented.

30. You remember the strange case of the doped stickers.

31. You remember the time when imported candies were only reachable throughout the black market or fayuca… and you surely got your first Milky Way from a shady stall in a downtown alley.

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