Check out this new project by Matador member JoAnna Haugen.

Matador member and freelance writer JoAnna Haugen has a new project on the go this year, The 52 Letters Project.

From the website:

“Despite what many people suggest, I refuse to believe that the handwritten word is dead. It is with this in mind that I’ve decided to rekindle my love of letter writing by chronicling 52 weeks of writing 52 letters to 52 different people. I want to find and write to old friends, pen pals and roommates. I want to touch base with family members I only talk to on holidays. I want to take the time to reach out to many of those people who also love to receive truly personalized snail mail.

The 52 Letters Project is a personal commitment to letter writing and an invitation to connect with others who enjoy doing the same. This website chronicles my letter writing journey, explores the letter writing culture and offers encouragement to others who also find joy in beautiful stationery, colorful pens and meaningful words.”

I think it’s a wonderful idea. You can follow along on the website, as well as via social media, RSS, and a monthly newsletter (sadly not handwritten).