September 2012, San Sebastian, Spain

I took this shot while travelling along the Northern coast of Spain, from San Sebastian to Ferrol. This photo is of a group of apartments overlooking Plaza de la Constitución. Similar apartments wrap around the entire square. They are attractive in their likeness, but made more intriguing when you remember that each is the face to a separate residence.

When I took this photo I was sitting on a hostel balcony. The square below was loaded with café-goers, strolling couples, and a group of youngsters kicking a soccer ball through the crowd. From my perch, I saw a number of residents step onto their balconies to inspect the scene. Fully entranced in my people-watching, I forgot that should my subjects look upwards, they would see me staring at them. I was made aware of this point when shouts from below interrupted my gazing. An old man sitting with a group of friends stood up, waved his arms at me and confessed his love. Then all at once, I was part of the scene, no longer just an observer.

Nikon D5100, lens -- 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

ISO 320, 55mm, f/5.6, 1/125

- This photo comes to us from Caroline Morrow, a recent graduate of MatadorU's Travel Photography program. If you want to follow Caroline as she gallivants abroad, you can check out her blog here: carolineandacamera.tumblr.com

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