‘I FEEL LIKE MUCH OF THE MEDIA focuses on the negative stories out there, and that leaves many of us feeling uninspired about humanity. But if you look at the bigger picture, you start seeing there are many people out there doing absolutely amazing and inspiring things, and they just don’t get the same kind of attention,’ says Craig Minowa, lead singer for the band Cloud Cult.

This was the impetus behind Cloud Cult’s new webseries, Stories from the Road, which looks at the most challenging moments in the lives of fans. The idea was conceived while touring, Minowa says.

“The crazy thing is that after night, the stage lights are shining on us, but there is a crowd full of people who have amazing and inspiring stories that they have been living through, who deserve to have the lights on them. So this series of films is our chance to take the limelight away from us and shine it on some people who deserve to have their stories told, and it teaches us that the real “show” isn’t about what’s going on on stage, but rather with how people choose to live and perform in their everyday lives.”

Over the next several weeks, Matador will be releasing new episodes of the series. Each new episode will go live at 3pm eastern.

In the meantime, enjoy episode 1 below and stay tuned for more Stories from the Road.