Truth is whatever the TV tells me, right?

Rule #1 of pretending to be a “Fair and Balanced” news network: don’t try to fake footage of a riot in Greece as impostor footage for “riots” in Moscow.

I refuse to believe that this could ever be an “error” or “misunderstanding” or any other corporate euphemism for a stupid mistake. Such a massive company with millions of dollars and unfathomable editorial oversight does not make a mistake like this; it carefully plans to dupe their viewers, blind in faith, into following them into the make-believe reality being constructed every day.

But what intrigued me most in this video is the correspondents’ idea that the media is in “lock step” with the government’s interest in portraying riots across the world as democratic crusades underscoring America’s importance in the War on “Freedom”. For while the media legitimizes any protests and angst felt in nations around the world, it laughs at and marginalizes the ones taking place at home, often using the same misleading tactics as uses to spin something like these protests in Moscow.

This is not a new practice. What many people are finally beginning to understand is that the media does not report “the news”. Truthful reporting does not come from a demographically-optimized selection of facts and figures spewing out of an $800 television. The only way to know what the hell is happening in any place at any given time is to be there–and if that’s not possible, to talk to someone on the ground.

It used to be that such things weren’t possible, but the Internet is changing that. American mass media is continuously proving to be an obsolete technology; let us take pride in our work when we replace it with our own voices.