Matador will soon be launching a 2.0 version of our travel community, essentially an all new site with new technology. The question we want to ask: should we also switch our terms of use and make everything on Matador freely available under Creative Commons licensing?

THIS IS basically an open question for Matador community members, as well as prospective members, including bloggers, writers, filmmakers, and photographers.

Our current terms of service provide copyright protection to anyone who posts content to Matador. This basically means that once you post something at Matador it’s illegal for someone else to re-post, reprint, or in any other way re-publish your work outside of Matador (although you as the author are free to republish it anywhere you want).

This policy, however, goes against a philosophy we believe in, mainly that online publishing and the communities that support online publishing should be based on transparency and set up in such a way as to, in CC’s words, “increase sharing and improve collaboration.”

The upside to having your content available via CC is that other blogs and websites would be able to republish your work, providing you with more links and an increased footprint on the web.

Our fear however, is that writers, photographers, and others who do not want their content to be shared, would not continue to participate actively in our community.

With all of this in mind, please take a second to help us know what you think:

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Thanks for taking the time to let us know your thoughts. We invite you to further explain (if necessary) your ideas in the comments below.

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