THIS NORMALLY SLEEPY TOWN built around a holy lake — said to be created when Brahma dropped a lotus to earth — becomes a frenzy each November when it celebrates its annual Camel Fair. Devout Hindus come from all over to take a dip in the lake during the full moon, be cleansed, and have good luck in the next year; holy men descend upon the ghats preforming puja after puja, releasing flowers into the lake, and communing with one another; and, of course, almost 250,000 camels take over the village in a riot of trading, arguing, buying, selling, contests, and general camel mayhem.

With all of this comes tourists from around the world to witness the madness and take part where they can. I met up with fellow Matadorian Andres VC and went around with him trying to sell the camel that he bought (you read that right). This led to one hilarious argument after another (and therefore, some excellent portraits) — then, amidst the total chaos of the trading field, I found one solitary, quiet moment, to capture this lone camel herder wrapping it up for the day. It was a sweet, needed break from the reality that is Pushkar during this time. Namaste!