I’ve seen Emanuel in the subte several times. He is a very charming young boy; people don’t always clap after he sings, but he seems not to get upset about it. He knows he is not there for the applause anyway. Emanuel shares his music – a cappella versions of songs he loves – and tries to make a living out of it for himself and his father. It’s a lot more than many adults do for themselves.

It’s disappointing to see how blind people can be to a true artist. But thanks to this short documentary, we are not blind. We can get to know him, and understand a bit of what happens under the streets of Buenos Aires.

The video is part of a project called “I am Buenos Aires,” developed by two Dutch expats and one Argentine who aim to show “la city porteña” through its inhabitants. I’ve been living all my life in this city, and I think they do a terrific job.